Tricks of Your Top Local SEO Company

Tricks of Your Top Local SEO Company

So, you’re ready to optimize your website. You know that there’s different approaches depending on your industry, your location, and your aim. Are you looking to get a ton of clients from all around the world, or is yours the type of business that needs to focus on local customers? Learn for the top local SEO company in your area and follow these tips to start your own success.

No 1: Optimize Your Google Business

Your Google Business page is one of the best ways to stand out from your local competitors. Make sure that you complete your profile, upload some images, and start sending your customers to your site to leave reviews. Of course, any online review sites can help boost your company’s local SEO, but having great, honest reviews from real users on your Google Business page is hugely beneficial.

No 2: Keywords and Branding

You already know that your entire online presence has to take your branding into consideration. How does that overlap with your keywords? Well, you’ll want to associate and align your brand with terms that people are searching for, and some of these might be highly localized.

Are there certain terms that people use in your area that maybe aren’t universal to other areas? Is your area multi-lingual and multi-cultural? If there are many people in your local area who speak more than one language, you may want to consider how to execute your keyword strategy for this unique local flair.

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No 3: Pay Attention to Your About Us Page

Most business write up a few words about their company’s founder, their history, and maybe some of their mission statement. If that! There are even more About Us pages out there which really don’t give any information. Take the opportunity of this real estate, like a local SEO company, to highlight how your business fits into the community. You can include your city name and zip code if you have your specific address listed – and we know, you have it in your footer, of course, but consider doing in on the page as well. You can also discuss projects that have taken place at local locations, like parks, restaurants, or civic sites.

No 4: Optimize for Mobile – Including Voice

These days, more people are searching Google and other search engines from their phone than they are from a desktop or laptop. Websites don’t automatically optimize and adjust correctly so that people can see them on mobile devices. You need to make sure that your website is easy for people to find and view on smaller screens.

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In addition “Okay Google”, Siri, Alexa, Bixly, and other voice-activated search engines, which are mostly mobile, are becoming used more everyday. There’s no way your business can afford to miss out on people asking their devices to find them a business like yours – near them! If you are near them, you’ll miss out if you’re not ready. Make sure that all your ALT text is in place and other aspects of your site are optimized for every type of bot.

No 5: On-site Time with Video, Virtual Tours, Great Links

One of the factors that helps boost your SEO rankings is how long people stay on your site. Of course, your site is laid out in a user-friendly way so that people can find what they’re looking for very quickly and simply, so once they’ve found what they’re looking for, how do you keep them on the site longer? It used to be that people would write mile-long blogs, but … TLDR. Most people don’t want that anymore.

One interesting tactic that many local SEO company now use is to integrate more video content. High quality, relative, and interesting videos will keep your users engaged, staying on your site to hear your instructions, opinions, or thoughts on  whatever topic. This can be videos embedded in your blogs or it can be a Welcome or Our Story video on your About Us page. Virtual tours are also incredibly popular. Get creative and have fun!

Like a Local SEO Company Pro

These are our top tips so that you can optimize your website like a local SEO company. Although it may not be everything you have to do (it isn’t – we didn’t even touch on social media, did we?) it is a great start and these tips will set you apart for your local competitors.

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